First signs of Summer!


After a cold May, June has already offered us some nice spells of shiny days.

With the first flowers popping up on the courgettes and tomatoes, the blossoming farm is getting ready for the season -with already its challenges!





Since its constrution in March 2021, the farm has been just a big ‘one man job’.

This year, with the busy times approching and the boxes deliveries expanding, I have reached my capacities and looking for some help on the farm: Starting with a position at 2-3 days per week ( Wednesday/Thursday, Friday 9am-5pm) with possibilities to turn into a full time job through the season.


As a new farm -still- in developpement, there is plenty of jobs to be done!

From landscaping the place, where strengh is required; shifting stones, making walls, sieving tunnels, levelling ground, making beds (rotivating), weeding docks, rabbit proofing, mowing

To nurturing the crops with patience and precision; sowing seeds, planting, harvesting, pruning, watering, weeding

Most importantly, the applicant should drive and possess a keen interest on organic farming and sustainability.

Sounds just like you, feel free to contact us.

(The closing dateĀ  of the applications is the 1rst of July)


Our routes:

Despite the beauty of the Glen, we understand that the farm is not easy to get to; so in order to make our produces more accessible to the local community, we have been running a great veg box scheme last year covering Kirriemuir and Forfar.

This year, we are delighted to open our second route to Glen Isla!


Friday morning is our delivery day:

covering: Kirriemuir, Lintrathen, Glenisla, Kilry, Airlie, Westmuir.

Get in touch for more information

~Fun Wednesday~

The idea of the farm is not just about providing amazing quality produce to the community; it’s also opening its doors for people to come and reconnect with their surrounding, learning to grown their food and getting access to knowledge and sustainability.

Because being outside, doing simple manual activities and socialising in a safe (and mesmerizing) environment is a great way to spend the day; holding the promise of a good night sleep afterward!

And with the new season starting off and the days getting longer, there is plenty of work to be done to get everything ready before planting our outside crops.

From rough physical activities (shifting stones, building walls, ground levelling, carving banches…) to tasks requiring patience, delicatess and precision (weeding, sowing, planting…), there is occupation for almost anyone with any abilities.

And as long as we are all faffing around in a peaceful and respectful way, we are garanteed to have so much fun at the farm!

rottal vegetable farmer

Join us on Wednesdays at Rottal, 9h-15h

Rottal Vegetable Garden

at Rottal estate

Glen Clova


Farm opening for shop and visit:

Monday-Wednesday; on appointment

Contact us for more details